We Provide Professional Landscape Services, Maintenance, Tree & Palm Care and Enhancement Projects, to the Commercial Market Segment In Phoenix, Arizona and Surrounding Cities.

We proactively manage your property's water usage with a sense of urgency, like we are paying the monthly bill. Every drop is important!

Diligent Water Management

This is a communication business as much as it is a landscape business. Communication is one of our core values and a central focus. Our communication plan will make your job easier.

Effective Communication 

Safety First

It is of the utmost importance to us to work safe while on your property. We are proactive, we plan, we train and we continually learn, all to reduce your potential liability exposure.

We understand the positive impact a well-maintained landscape has on your community or business. We recognize it is our responsibility to manage your landscape so it remains a sustainable asset and contributes to your overall success.

Your landscape creates a perception

Take Landscape OFF your Plate

Managing the quality of your landscape is our job, not yours. Our manager physically walks your property every week to see everything up close, so no details are overlooked. We'll reduce the amount of time you spend worrying about the landscape.

At Sunrise, we want to and are committed to preserving the environment to allow current and future generations to thrive. We are conscious of all our decisions and actions as a company, to reduce our negative impact on the environment.

Committed to Sustainability

Owner | Account Manager Mike Rensmeyer is hands-on with your property and passionate about making your landscape look consistently great. There is a vested interest looking out for the success of your landscape asset.

Engaged Owner