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Water Management

Water is an expensive and a limited, natural resource. The water supply for Arizona continues to decrease and the cost municipalities charge continues to increase at unprecedented levels.

Managing how much irrigation landscape water we use on your property is a critical function of what we do everyday and something we take very seriously. 

We have a multi-tier approach in place to effectively manage your water usage:

1) When Sunrise takes over maintenance of your property, we complete a thorough inspection of your irrigation system components to find out what is functioning correctly and what is not. This is a critical step as components not functioning correctly waste water and require more run time to make up for inefficiency.

2017-05-04 09.05.58.jpg

Above left: Valve not opening

2017-05-04 09.43.28.jpg

Above right: Head not level. This affects coverage and wastes water

popup rotor.jpg

2) Understand your landscape goals annually e.g. overseeding, turf quality, plant/tree replacement to name a few.

3) Forecast and budget annually how many gallons of water your landscape will require based on your goals, turfgrass square footage, amount of ryegrass to overseed, plant/tree crop coefficients, plant/tree palette and density, irrigation precipitation rates, irrigation system efficiency and historical evapotranspiration rates.

Above: Estimated water usage spreadsheet

Irrigation person.jpg

4) Complete a regular preventive maintenance inspection on all system components to continually increase system efficiency and ensure proper functionality. Identifying leaks, breaks and stuck valves in a timely manner minimizes wasted water.

5) Make timely controller schedule adjustments based on current evapotranspiration rates from the Arizona Meteorological Network (AZMET) and soil moisture levels from probing.  

Estimated Water Usage
2017-05-04 08.50.54.jpg

6) Track the results to our annual budget and update you.

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